You're out and about, running errands and there it is - your local yarn shop. You think to yourself, "Well, I have been wanting to try that new wool blend...I'll just go in and have a quick look." Ha! Half an hour later you emerge with another overflowing bag, feeling victorious but also wondering just how you were going to sneak this one in the house. Because really, once it's downstairs with the rest of the stash, there's no way the husband will be able to tell. Right?!? Well....   

I don't know about yours, but my stash has exploded. What were once neatly organized shelves has now overflowed - bags upon bags of tasty, smooshy yarn are now taking over the floor, creating a knitting studio obstacle course. I line up a bunch of quick projects to reduce the mess. Because you know, there's a great sale on later this week and I have to get more of that ______! 

Sometimes, I'll be channel surfing and HOARDERS will be on. After watching, I feel pretty bad about the current state of affairs in my workspace, so I run downstairs to clean up. It usually lasts for a week.    

But you know it's starting to get really bad when you have multiple projects on the go in multiple different rooms. And when there are piles of pieces in various states of finish, threatening to topple over in your dining room? Oh boy. Yes, my husband thinks I'm nuts, but he's pretty on board with everything. And, yes - there is a method to my madness! That pile needs the ends darned in. This on over here needs tagging. Over here? These ones need their pictures taken. And this pile is for shipping! See? I know what's what. Sometimes I set aside a day or two and go on a "finishing frenzy." I line everything up that I'm making for inventory and just go for it. Pretty motivating when you see all these beauties ready to go!    

Striped Fingerless Gloves

Oh Canada Maple Leaf Pattern Sweater

Now, I'm sure that I'm not the only one out there who does this to themselves. Do you have stacks of projects in various stages of completion? How's your workspace organized? Is it organized chaos like mine, or all Martha like? Hands up if you smuggle bags full of crafty wonderful fun in the house! Do you have a similar “problem”? I’d love to hear that I’m not alone, lol!