Well here we are at the end of August already! I'm so bad at keeping a blog, lol. Back to School's in full swing, the leaves are turning, and I haven't stopped knitting up a storm. 

It's been an an extremely successful year so far, and it's only just now creeping up on "busy season." No rest for the wicked, I guess - but I'm doing what I love, so I'm pretty happy. I have a packed schedule for Fall and Winter shows, and yarn/wool coming out of my ears!

So, having said that, the basement is now officially too small for my lil business and my goal is to open up my own brick and mortar shop!

I have given thought to renting a room/stall and while it would be a good start, I think that having my own place would be best - somewhere I could set my own hours, have an evening knitting group, and potentially run actual knitting classes would be a like a dream come true.

But, I need a little help, so I've started a crowdfunding campaign! 😊 I'm giving out awesome swag which each donation 😉 Please share and thanks for your consideration 💜💜 

I do realize that I'll likely need to approach a bank at some point to borrow the majority of the money I'll need to start up. But, I thought I'd try to do it grass roots first, since I'd really rather give donor gifts to you generous folks versus paying a bank interest 😉