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I've always loved working with people and keeping my hands busy. Since the time I learned to knit, there's always a project (or two, or three) on the go in my basket by the couch. I have a bit of an addictive personality, lol! I love seeing (and feeling!) how certain materials knit up, and how a simple skein of wool (or yarn) can be transformed into something spectacular :) Sources of inspiration include BC's awesome outdoor natural beauty, my love of comics, sci fi and fantasy, and my belief that when something is handmade, it's made from the heart - with love and care - and that shows in each and every stitch.

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Darling Deviance is an online, home-based knitting business located in the central interior city of Prince George, BC. We pride ourselves in producing exceptional high quality, durable and beautiful knitwear, hand-knit using only the finest materials with careful attention to detail, while offering excellent customer service. Our creations are proudly made using Custom Woolen Mills Ltd. fine woolen products. We offer competitive pricing based on the cost of materials and the amount of time spent on crafting each piece. When you purchase from Darling Deviance, you directly benefit a real family as well as the local, provincial, and Canadian economies. Darling Deviance Custom Knitting - from our home to yours.

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